Here’s another article, one in a long line, enlightening us about why Islamic terrorism is not to be feared:

It’s the same old argument: forget about ISIS – worry about the gun lobby, cigarettes, assault weapons etc.. These are the real killers.

The writers of these articles… they just never get the point. With their American fetish for numbers and statistics, they give us all of the ways you can die before you have the slightest chance of getting blown up by an Islamic terrorist. But dear friends, not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Islamic terrorism is not and never will be a problem of life expectancy. It is a political problem, first and foremost, and the simple fact remains that your everyday Joe will distinguish between a victim of lung cancer, a victim of a shooting, and a victim of a foreign, Islamic terrorist. Yes, it matters to him, not only whether a person dies, but how, and by what cause. And depending on the cause, his emotional reaction will differ. To deny this, is to deny a fundamental facet of human nature; you may as well tell him that sleeping with an overweight 50-year old is just the same as sleeping with a supermodel (both are women, sex is sex etc.)

Please forgive your everyday Joe, dear intellectuals. He cannot be as rational and clinical as you. At times, he even overacts. For him, it is one thing to see an American murdering an American. It is quite another to be the victim of a foreign killer. Yes, he doesn’t have your pedigree, your graduate degrees, but he is the everyday American who works and votes. If you had listened to him, instead of lecturing him about murder statistics, you may have won the last election.

By the way, if it was Russia and not Islamic terrorists who are threatening to kill American citizens, how will you react, dear intellectuals? Say the Russians decide one day to kill 40 Americans in Time Square, just to set an example, just to get us back for the Cold War, will you write an article saying, well, it’s only 40 people, we have more people killed with handguns every day?